Offer for internationals

English Communications & other languages (EC) aims at effective language teaching in a friendly environment and encouraging continuous self-development of each student as an autonomous language learner.
Languages we teach: Polish, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian.
EC specializes in one-to-one tuition so as to create the best opportunity for successful and stress-free acquisition of a given language. The program of every course is designed by a methodologist and the tutor who is going to run the lessons. Teaching materials are selected on the basis of the student’s preferences, learning style and goals. The aids include, among others: books, readers, coursebooks, audio and video materials as well as magazines.
English Communications offers its students free access to a multilingual EC Library and supports its teachers with Library for EC Teachers.


    EC offers the following courses for internationals:
  • Polish as a Foreign Language (PFL)
    A language course for internationals who want to learn to communicate in Polish or improve the language. Sources include: coursebooks, readers, authentic materials such as magazines, newspapers, TV, movies, videos, Internet and radio. Trip lessons possible.
  • English as a Foreign Language (EFL)
    A language course for non-native speakers of English who want to learn or develop the international language during their stay in Poland. Lessons can be monolingual or bilingual, depending on the student’s level, preferences and teacher availability.
If you have different needs and expectations, you are welcome to contact English Communications directly via e-mail or phone. Knowing your individual area of interest, we will make every effort to find the right teacher with the expertise to conduct the tuition.

Work for native speakers

English Communications is developing a non-standard approach to language teaching and flexible attitude to learners’ needs. In order to provide high-level language services EC is creating a database of well-qualified and skillful teachers of different languages, proofreaders, copywriters and translators for present and future co-operation. Only the candidates who have been successful at the recruitment process (interview and sample work) can be added to EC Database.


  • Excellent knowledge of the language(s)
  • Higher education, specialized college or university degree preferred
  • Previous teaching/ proofreading/ copywriting/ translation experience required
  • Motivation and genuine enthusiasm for the job
  • Good communication and organization skills
  • References preferred.
If you are interested in applying for one or more of the above mentioned positions, please send your CV to, including information about preferred charge per unit of account, i.e. 60 minutes or 1 page of translation, copywriting or proofreading. We will contact selected candidates only.